Ethnography Museum

Ethnography Museum

Ethnography Museum, which is the first resting place of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, contains the most important examples of Turkish Art created in the process from Seljuk to the present day.

The building, which was opened in 1930 on the Namazgâh Hill in Altındağ, where the Friday prayers were performed during the War of Independence, was decided to be used as the Archeology Museum and then the Painting and Sculpture Museum; however, it gained its present function with the opening ceremony.

At the entrance, the exhibition areas within the museum, where the Atatürk Statue, which was built by the Ministry of Education in 1927 by the Italian Pietro Canonica, welcomed its guests, were divided into categories.

In these areas, which you can visit in chronological order, you can have the opportunity to examine many different works from daily items from various regions of Anatolia to carpet and rug collections, from Ottoman weapons to china and porcelain ornaments.

The museum also operates a large library of art history, including Ottoman manuscripts.