Anatolian Civilizations Museum

Anatolian Civilizations Museum

Anatolian Civilizations Museum is one of the most important museums on our list of places to visit in Ankara.

The Anatolian Civilizations Museum, located in the Atpazarı (Horse Market) District in the southeast of the outer walls of Ankara Castle, one of which is Mahmud Pasha bedesten; the other hosts its guests in 2 Ottoman buildings of the 15th century built by Greek Mehmet Pasha hostelry.

In Mahmut Pasha Bedesten, where the facility, which has a worldwide reputation with its original collection, and the Kurshunlu Inn, finds belonging to civilizations that have existed in Anatolia since the Paleolithic Age are exhibited.

In this collection, which is presented to the visitors in chronological order, you can also examine the works removed from the Temple of Augustus and the tumuli in the region during the construction of Anıtkabir(Mausoleum).

The most valuable piece of the unique collection exhibited in the museum. It is a map with the city plan of Chatalhöyük, dated to 6200 BC and known as the oldest in the world.