Thermal Tourism

Thermal Tourism in Turkey

Thermal Tourism

The “healing from water” that has been going on for years is also used in the treatment of foreign patients today. Water resources have an important place in human history. As a matter of fact, it has been an important criterion in the selection of the settlement since the early ages and these sources were used as drinking water, tap water and curative water.

Thermal Tourism; in modern understanding, health care is focused on maintaining the state of health rather than getting rid of the disease. This change has changed the health policies focused on diseases and treatment in the direction of “continuation of the well-being”. Thermal tourism, which is one of the alternative tourism types, has succeeded to be one of the leading choices of the service sector based on the “water for healthy life” contact preferred by people in addition to the sea, sand and sun trilogy. Different treatment methods have also emerged due to the preference age of thermal tourism between the ages of 25-75. The needs of young and middle age have also created different fields. As an example, we can count the following as complementary treatments:

• Exercise Therapy
• Massage
• Balneo Therapy
• Hydro Theraphy
• Thermal Curing

Especially in countries where industrialization is intense, people participate in thermal tourism activities in order to protect their health, to be healthy, to spend quality time and to have different activities. Turkey is geographically located on the world’s most important geothermal belt. Due to its location, natural thermal water is the first country in Europe in terms of resource richness and potential, and it is among the first seven countries in the world.

Thermal Tourism Opportunities in Turkey

The most important one of the opportunities provided by thermal tourism is the possibility of tourism for 12 months. Occupancy rates are high due to its appeal and diversification to different age groups. Unlike the fact that tourism concentrates in certain regions for the most part of the year, it is evenly distributed in regions where summer tourism is not very common. Having spent time both enjoyable and seeing improvement also makes thermal tourism attractive.

According to Mineral Exploration Search Agency data while changing second/flow rate between temperatures of 20ºC and 110ºC in Turkey is the natural thermal water source around 1500, which may vary between 2 and 500 liters/temperature of natural thermal water resources available in our country, values and flow rates Given the size will exceed 700,000 beds as thermal health tourism capacity seen.

Thermal Tourism in the World

Thermal tourism is one of the alternative medicine widely used in the world. For example: It is learned from the Torah, where hot waters are used for religion and health in Africa, Egypt and Madagascar. Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, is the first scientist to explain the essence of treatment with natural resources. The Romans evaluated hot water sources for post-war treatment and sports. When evaluated within the framework of this information, it is seen that the structure of thermal tourism, which originates from different cultures in different countries but merges at the same point. Religion, science, medicine and cultural understanding from the past have been the major factors in the fact that medical tourism is an indispensable treatment method for years.

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